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  • Leading the way in sustainable beverage packaging
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Leading the way in sustainable beverage packaging.

  • CO2 Carbon Reduction

    Carbon reduction

    We are committed to carbon reduction through renewable energy initiatives.

  • Economy Loop

    Circular Economy

    Orora Beverage is actively growing the circular economy.

  • Community Support


    We’re proud to support our people and our community.

Glass Aluminium Recyclable Infinity Times
Glass and aluminium are 100% infinitely recyclable. This means you can recycle them over and over again without any loss of quality.


Carbon reduction

We continue to use renewable energy to power our operations and invest in initiatives that lower the carbon footprint of our operations.

  • Orora has arranged long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable energy providers to supply wind generated electricity to our operations in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.
  • These agreements cover volumes equivalent to 80% of our total electricity needs in Australia.
  • We’re driving further energy efficiency in our operations through our long-running resource efficiency program.
  • In the past five years, we have reduced our energy usage/unit of production by 10%.
  • Lighter bottles, lighter footprint – read about how our new lightweight wine bottle reduces hundreds of tonnes in packaging every year.
  • Orora has joined the SA-H2H Hydrogen Technology Cluster to help shape clean energy innovation in Australia.

Orora has announced plans to build an advanced glass beneficiation plant at our Gawler site in South Australia. This will reduce the amount of energy (and Co2 emissions) and virgin materials used to manufacture glass, as well as diverting waste away from landfill.

Orora 5 Solar Arrays Across Australia

Orora has installed 5 solar arrays at 4 sites across Australia to collectively generate around 770 MWh and offset ~487 tonnes of CO2e per year

Wind Powered

Orora is 100% wind powered in South Australia – where we make all our glass and closures

Carbon reduction

Beneficiation plant announced for Orora in South Australia

Orora is set to build a glass beneficiation plant at our Gawler site in South Australia, assisted by an $8 million grant from the Commonwealth and South Australian Governments through the Recycling Modernisation Fund.

The beneficiation plant will enable us to procure more beverage glass through established sources and container deposit schemes, which will increase the amount of recycled content in our glass packaging. This is a big step in our sustainability journey, with benefits including a reduction in the amount of energy (and Co2 emissions) and virgin materials used to manufacture glass, as well as diverting waste away from landfill.

Circular economy

We’re working to grow the circular economy. We do this by creating products that can be recycled to be reused again, so they go around and come back again.

  • We include recycled materials in the production of our packaging and produce packaging that is also recyclable, known as closed loop recycling.
  • We are a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant, which supports collaboration between brand owners, packaging manufacturers, government and others in the value chain.
  • We support the 2025 National Packaging Targets, and we are committed to designing and manufacturing recyclable packaging.
  • Our new Eco Targets are set to achieve a 5% improvement across CO2e, waste to landfill and water use by 30 June 2024.
  • Working together with Treasury Wine Estates, we’ve closed the loop on wine bottle recycling.

We are guided by the concept of a circular economy, where a continuous loop sees sustainable packaging manufactured, used, recycled and transformed into new packaging.

Orora Cans From Recycled Content

Orora cans contain on average
more than 60% recycled content

Orora Glass From Recycled Content

We’re increasing the recycled content
of our glass from 40% to 70% 

Circular economy

Orora and TWE close the loop on wine bottle recycling

TWE Barossa is TWE’s largest bottling operation in Australia. More than 250 employees work at the site across six bottling lines, where they package more than 200 million bottles of wine per year. When you’re bottling in such high volumes, there’s bound to be a few breakages and some left-over stock. Click below to learn how we developed a closed loop system for wine bottle recycling....


Safe, supported and empowered people are at the heart of Orora Beverage’s culture.


  • Safety is paramount and our commitment to ensuring a safe workplace is ongoing.
  • We continuously look for new and improved ways to deliver on our safety strategy and ensure the health and wellbeing of all of our people.
  • Our extensive Health and Safety Strategy focuses on Leadership, Risk Management, Safety Standards, Plant and Equipment Design and Capability.


  • Creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all our team members is vital to maximise diversity of thought and background.
  • Champions of Change - an influential group of leaders who are empowered and accountable for driving a diverse talented workforce across all Orora sites.


  • Our gender diversity targets, and gender pay equity reviews and strategies are removing inequity.
  • Women in Leadership at Orora (WILO), is a tailored development and mentoring program to cultivate and grow female talent and leadership.

The WILO program has enabled me to develop my networks, providing support and visibility throughout the organisation.” Kerry Tate, WILO participant

Ethical & Transparent

  • As a global business, Orora is a proud signatory to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).
  • Our Code of Conduct and Ethics supports a strong culture of integrity and ethical behaviour.
  • We publicly report on our sustainability initiatives in Orora’s Annual Report, to the Australian Packaging Covenant and the UNGC annual Communication on Progress (COP).
  • Orora has a Supplier Assurance Framework program for assessing and mitigating human rights and modern slavery risks in its supply chain.

Supporting the wider community

  • We actively and positively contribute to the community by investing in initiatives where we can make a real, tangible difference.  
  • We are working to advance manufacturing jobs, skills and people by providing opportunities for apprentices and industry undergraduates.
  • We are rising to the challenge of reducing carbon emissions by introducing renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency activities across our business.
  • Orora runs community giving and employee matched giving programs, supporting organisations including Food Bank, World Vision, Surf Life Saving, Cancer Council, American Heart Association and the Red Cross and many more.
Safety Workplace

Safety is paramount and our commitment to ensuring a safe workplace is ongoing

Build a Better World

We will never stop striving to build a better world for our customers, our people and our communities


From our Innovation and Design team through to our senior environmental analysts, we will never stop striving to build a better world for our customers, our people and our communities.


Orora helps share a Coke with the Firies

During the devastating bushfires that occurred in Australia in the summer of 2019-20, the teams at Coca-Cola Amatil (Amatil) and Coca-Cola South Pacific (CCSP) launched special limited-edition cans to celebrate and thank the firefighters and frontline volunteers who worked tirelessly throughout the bushfire crisis.

The idea was raised by one of Amatil’s social media followers and the team was quick to contact Orora. As soon as we received the call we jumped into action, and with the support of our Decoration Centre of Excellence, we managed to turn the ‘Share a Coke with the Firies’ initiative around very quickly.

Memberships and associations

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