• Capi Bottle Collection
    CAPI glass bottles on a table

Brand Innovation

This is where your brand takes centre stage. Working together with you, we nurture new ideas and foster creativity to help bring your brand to life.


As the brand behind the brand, we bend over backwards to help make our customers' brands look and perform at their best. This is our favourite part... supporting our customers' brands as they take centre stage!

Explore our gallery to discover how Orora customers have worked with us to make the most of their packaging to truly bring their brand to life!

Decoration Centre of Excellence

The crack of a can opening. The condensation that clings to its sides. The memories that are made with cans that truly showcase the best of your brand. We understand that our packaging touches lives.

The creative minds in our Decoration Centre of Excellent make can design and decoration work simple.

Innovation & Design

Partnering with our Innovation and Design team allows you to take advantage of the full extent of our capability and imagination. From concept generation through to manufacture, our project management experience means we comprehensively understand every stage of the new product development process.