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Innovation and design are integral to everything we produce. If you can imagine it, we can innovate it.

Untap your innovation potential

We believe our packaging touches lives, shapes brands and leads the way in sustainability; that’s why we pour our passion and energy into creating exceptional packaging design.

Partnering with our Innovation & Design team allows you to take advantage of our capability, expertise and imagination.

Sticky notes and people doing ideation
Brainstorming ideation is collaborative and forms part of the Innovation & Design discovery process.


Collaborate with purpose

Orora product development sketches
Sketches and designs are created to illustrate how your packaging could look and function.

From concept generation through to manufacture, we know the new product development process, and you can tap into our expert knowledge at any stage, from ideation through to delivery.

Using sophisticated graphic and prototyping tools, together with thorough testing ensures your new packaging solution is designed for manufacture and can be integrated seamlessly with your existing equipment and packaging processes.

Working with us, you’ll also benefit from industry insight, our extensive experience, our size, creativity and productive attitude that together we can achieve anything.


Our process is collaborative from start to finish


Innovation and design concept sketches

Brainstorming ideation is a collaborative process and forms part of the Innovation & Design discovery process to create focused packaging ideas.

We are passionate about what we do. Our talent for creating great packaging and elevating consumer brands is what sets us apart. We genuinely care about creating market-leading packaging design solutions that resonate with you and your consumers.

Gain insights with intelligence

Through industry and market research, we identify opportunities using consumer trend and insights to generate creative ideas and develop strategic packaging and brand concepts that will work for you. This means you’ll feel confident that your design solution will appeal to your target market, resonate with your customers and deliver a superior commercial outcome.

Benefit from big

Orora sketch of bottle and finished bottle design
From concept generation through to manufacture, we know the new product development process.

Our Innovation & Design team has international agency experience across brand, graphic and industrial design, multimedia, and engineering, so you can rest assured that we are fully equipped to handle all your packaging requirements. Spanning some of the world’s most successful and recognised brands, our work is used across a variety of industry sectors and markets.

If you’re already thinking about your next NPD cycle or have some packaging ideas you’d like to toss around, get in touch! Our Innovation & Design experts are ready to untap your innovation potential.


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