Orora’s Closed Loop Glass Making Process

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Orora's Closed Loop Glass Making Process

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Creating sustainable glass beverage packaging by turning the old into the new 

At Orora Beverage, we believe in creating more sustainable packaging and minimising our impact on the planet. 

When you put your bottles in the recycling bin, or drop them off at a recycling facility, have you considered what happens from there?

Here at Orora, we take your old glass bottles and remake them into new glass beverage containers as part of our closed loop process.

Your contribution to recycling glass allows us to take old bottles and remake them into new beverage containers, over and over again. This is known as closed loop recycling.


10 steps to closed loop glass recycling at Orora

  1. Orora Glass bottles are made at our state-of-the-art facility in Gawler, South Australia. We make an extensive range of glass bottles for the beverage industry and olive oil markets.
  2. Orora customers then fill these bottles with their exceptional products and distribute them to retailers across Australia.
  3. Then it’s over to consumers who purchase the product to enjoy.
  4. Once finished, consumers can recycle the bottle in their local recycling bin, or at state-based recycling facilities.
  5. Orora then collects glass from recycling facilities and container deposit schemes from across Australia.
  6. We take the used glass and process it at our Glass Beneficiation Plant, in South Australia. 
  7. During the beneficiation process, we remove contaminants and colour sort it into what is known as cullet. We also collect the aluminium caps or closures which may remain on the bottles, and we package them up and send them off to be recycled as appropriate.
  8. The glass cullet is combined with raw materials and melted down in a furnace to be moulded into brand new glass bottles.
  9. The bottles are then cooled and loaded onto pallets to be transported to our customers for filling.
  10. Once filled, bottles go back to your local store where you can purchase one of your favourite glass bottled products to start the cycle again!

This is our closed loop glass recycling process at Orora. 

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