Orora and Brick Lane Brewing: Sustainability and innovation key to growth of craft beer industry

Orora And Brick Lane Brewing Manufacture
Paul Bowker and Jon Seltin from Brick Lane
Paul Bowker, Brick Lane Founder and Managing Director, and Jon Seltin, Brick Lane’s head brewer.

One of Orora’s valued craft brewery customers, Brick Lane Brewing, has undergone a major expansion, which sees it boast the second-largest brewing capacity of any independent brewery in Australia, only behind Coopers in South Australia.

Using world-first, industry-leading and sustainable technology solutions, Brick Lane’s expansion will deliver brewing capacity of around 20 million litres of beer annually, while maintaining facilities for both small and large batch production.

Orora Brick Lane BrewingOrora has proudly worked side-by-side with the Brick Lane team to support their growth, while cultivating a partnership that is based on a solid foundation of shared sustainability principles.

The Orora team caught up with Brick Lane’s head brewer Jon Seltin and founder Paul Bowker recently for a tour of the new site. Like Orora, Brick Lane has a very strong focus on sustainability and reducing energy and water requirements. Their sustainability commitment has seen them introduce industry-leading technologies, from low thermal load wort boiling to crossflow filtration technology that reduces energy and water usage, improves beer quality and eliminates the need to use non-renewable filtration aids.

Paul Bowker, Brick Lane Founder and Managing Director, said,

'Brick Lane has had sustainability at its heart since the brewery’s concept phase. A key part of this is using local suppliers and focusing on those materials with the lowest and most sustainable approach to the markets in which we operate. For Brick Lane, Orora is a perfect fit. Not only do we have fantastic relationships between our people, but Orora is just a stone’s throw from the brewery reducing transport and fuel impacts.

Orora’s constant innovation in approach to packaging and technology also sits well with Brick Lane’s approach to business. As we grow, we know Orora will be there to support us and ensure that our packaging materials remain world-class in both quality and in approach to sustainability.

Orora And Brick Lane Brewing TechnologyPaul went on to say, ‘With advancements in technology, as well as a strong focus on sustainability by independent breweries and new entrants from diverse backgrounds, the sector is now driving significant shifts in transparency and action on environmental initiatives.’

Brick Lane also practices closed loop recycling with spent grains from the brewing process going to farmers to feed their cattle. Through the current investment program, Brick Lane will deliver a brewery that is best-in-class worldwide for energy efficiency, with significant investment into reducing emissions and reducing primary energy consumption.

Orora partners with Brick Lane, supplying aluminium beverage cans as well as collaborating on innovation and label design to stimulate growth for Brick Lane’s extensive range of products, including traditional craft beers, low alcohol craft beers, cider, seltzers, mixed drinks and alcoholic ginger beer. Their core brands include One Love Pale Ale, Brick Lane Lager, Backyarder Crisp Lager, Brick Lane Draught and the Sidewinder no and low alcohol beers.

You can check them out at https://bricklanebrewing.com/