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We can some of world’s most-loved drinks brands.

The Orora Beverage Cans team is proud, passionate and deeply experienced.

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Our exceptional people delight in helping to enrich customer brands, by delivering tomorrow’s most innovative and responsible packaging. As the largest and most innovative beverage can supplier across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, we have the widest production and decoration capability for aluminium drink can and end requirements.

Like our cans, our customer’s brand and innovation needs come in all shapes and sizes. We support the entire beverage industry from craft brewers who are just starting out on their journey through to major companies with operations across the globe. Our customer markets include beer and cider, alcoholic ready-to-drink, carbonated soft drinks, juices, wine, seltzers, energy drinks and more.

When it comes to the design of your can, we work with you to help you grow your brand profile through expert design. We take time to explore and understand your needs and uncover exciting opportunities for your branding and can design. Our state-of-the-art, in-house design, decoration and print capabilities provide customisable finishes that will help bring your brand to life, so that your cans standout in store.

To support your product offering, we manufacture many different aluminium can sizes across three primary ranges of Classic, Sleek and Slim, with each style available in multiple volumes.

Packaging is our craft

We work with you to craft sophisticated, stand out beverage packaging that builds on your brand story. Let us bring your craft story to life and help make your vision a reality. We will work with you to ensure your beverage packaging performs optimally throughout the supply chain, from can manufacture to your brewery and into your consumers hand.

Why Orora Cans are a sustainable choice

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Aluminium is infinitely recyclable  ✓

  • Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, which means you can recycle it over and over again without any loss of quality. According to the Australian Aluminium Council, making new cans from used aluminium requires only 5% of the energy needed to make a new can from scratch.

Over 60% Recycled Materials  ✓

  • Orora Beverage cans are made from aluminium coils that on average contain more than 60% recycled content.

Orora is powered by renewable energy  ✓

  • Our long-term renewable energy agreements cover volumes equivalent to 80% of Orora’s electricity requirements in Australia.

We're making the most of the sun  ✓

  • We have installed five solar arrays at four sites across Australia to collectively generate around 770 MWh and offset ~487 tonnes of CO2e pa.

Closing the loop on cans  ✓

  • During can production, scrap aluminium is collected and returned to aluminium manufacturers for recycling into new beverage cans.

Innovating for our planet  

  • We're currently exploring more ways to increase the sustainability of our products, such as replacing all aluminium coil packaging materials (cores, layer boards, strapping) to ensure either recyclable in market or returnable for reuse. Minimising any waste associated with this infinitely recyclable material.

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Industry-leading design and print capability

Our specialised decoration techniques help bring brands to life, maximise brand presence and provide a truly unique consumer experience. Orora cans are perfect for premium branded products and we can further enhance the look and feel with innovative coatings and speciality inks.

  • Speciality inks – thermochromic (temperature reactive), photochromic (light reactive), fluorescent, and ultraviolet. 

  • Tactile & textured – embossing and other enhancements. 

  • Applied to the full 360-degree surface of the can, including coloured ends and decorated tabs – to maximise your brand exposure.

Our in-house Decoration Centre of Excellence and Innovation & Design teams work side-by-side with you to deliver the most differentiated, unique, and creative concepts, to enhance and grow your brand presence through primary packaging design and decoration.

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Colourful Bottle Cans

Can ends range

Can ends are designed to deliver a quality seal and easy opening for the consumer, while providing an enjoyable drinking experience.

Orora’s easy-open ends are all about convenience. The ring-pull feature is easy to open yet secure enough to sustain the internal pressure of carbonated beverages.

The result is Orora's trusted beverage can end – safe, tamper-evident, and available in two sizes of 200 (50mm) and 202 (52mm).

Orora Aluminium Can Tabs

Laser incised and coloured tabs

Incising is similar to embossing, with the text or symbol etched into the surface of the tab. We can also incise the underside of the tab for unique brand communication and consumer promotions.

Add impact and maximise brand visibility with our extensive palette of coloured can ends and tabs. Choose from a range of different colours and mix it up with different coloured tabs and customised can ends.

Resealable Bottle

Resealable ends

Orora’s exclusive license to one of the worlds most advanced resealable can end, allow consumers to reseal a carbonated beverage easily and firmly without losing its fizz. The two-step pull helps prevent tampering and is compatible with most existing filling lines currently on the market, requiring minimal line changes or capital investment.

Aluminium Cans

Why cans? Why not!

From being infinitely recyclable to their durability and design flexibility, the humble aluminium beverage can truly is remarkable.

Click through to discover the incredible benefits of aluminium cans…

Decoration Centre of Excellence

Orora’s Decoration Centre of Excellence (DCE) is home to our specialist team of can decoration experts and pre-press specialists who offer decoration and concept ideas that bring your can designs to life. Equipped with laser plate generation technology and all the latest decoration techniques, our DCE team works with you to explore the full range of printing technologies and can enhancements, testing solutions, creating prototypes, and generating new ideas to support your brand objectives.

Printing and decoration

Our Decoration Centre of Excellence is equipped with laser plate generation technology and all the latest decoration techniques, including Orora FX, to create finishes that will ensure your can stands out from the crowd.

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