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Exceptional glass that’s worth celebrating.

We work with you to make what’s on the outside as good as what’s on the inside.

Orora glass specialist inspecting glassAt Orora Glass, we craft sophisticated, high quality glass bottles that will help you build your brand profile with consumers.

We’re passionate about producing high quality glass packaging solutions. Our state-of-the-art glass making facility produces the highest quality glass bottles for all types of products, from beer, wine, cider and alcoholic ready-to-drink styles, to carbonated soft drinks, juices, olive oil, spirits and more.

Our state-of-the-art glass manufacturing facility in South Australia is one of the largest glass plants in the southern hemisphere. Working with our global partners, we continue to focus on leading the market with high quality, innovative and sustainable glass packaging solutions.

Orora’s specialist glass engineers and packaging designers offer fully customised glass packaging. Together, we work with you to ensure our bottles perform at their best throughout the supply chain, from manufacture through to your consumer.

We are also a large-scale recycler, and we work closely with our customers to create closed loop recycling systems. We use renewable energy to power our sites and continue to innovate to reduce the impact of glass manufacturing on our planet.

Glass Bottles

Wine bottles

As one of Australia’s leading glass bottle manufacturers, we provide packaging solutions for winemakers all across the Asia-pacific region.

We proudly support wineries of all sizes, from boutique producers through to multinational brands and global wine distributors.

We have over 30 standard bottle designs and a range colours to choose from, from 200ml to 1.5L wine bottles. Our range covers claret, burgundy, sparkling, riesling and fortified. Beyond our standard bottle range, we can create completely customised bottle shapes of any form, size or design.

Why Orora Glass is a sustainable choice


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Glass is infinitely recyclable  ✓

  • Glass is a truly sustainable material that can be recycled endlessly by crushing, blending, and melting it together with sand and other starting materials. Doing so benefits manufacturers, the environment, and ultimately your consumer.

Powered by renewable energy  ✓

  • Our glass facility in South Australia is 100% wind powered! Orora has long-term renewable energy agreements that cover volumes equivalent to 80% of our electricity requirements in Australia.

We're a large-scale recycler  ✓

  • Every year, Orora recycles thousands of tonnes of glass collected by Australian CDS schemes into new wine and beer bottles. We recycle ~80% of South Australia’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) and recently started collecting waste glass from Western Australia's CDS.

We're increasing our recycled content  ✓

  • We are striving to increase cullet usage to over 70%. By using recycled cullet, we help prevent waste going into landfill and create new wine and beer bottles that are less energy and carbon intensive. We’re also building an advanced glass beneficiation plant which will increase the amount of recycled content in our glass packaging even further

Closing the loop on glass  ✓

  • Working closely with our customers, we have developed a number of closed-loop recycling systems. 100% of the cullet we collect goes back into the furnace at Orora Glass, where it is made into new bottles.

Making the most of the sun  ✓

  • Orora has installed five solar arrays at four sites across Australia to collectively generate around 770 MWh and offset ~487 tonnes of CO2e pa.

Innovating for our planet  ✓

  • Orora is a member of the APCO glass working group and an International Partners in Glass Research (IPGR) member. We are currently working on international research projects to find even more ways to reduce the impact of glass manufacturing on our planet. We also recently announced our intention to build an advanced glass beneficiation plant at our Gawler site in South Australia.

Discover more

Beer bottles

We produce both stock and custom-designed beer and cider bottles. With several designs available in a variety of colours, we work with you to ensure you find the right bottle for your brand and product.


We can also help you create your perfect bottle design through embossing, shrink sleeving or another custom bottle finish for your brand.

Carbonated beverage bottles

We offer a versatile range of standard beverage bottles, and we can work with you to develop proprietary ranges for specific lines and product releases, if required.

Sparkling, riesling and fortified

We offer a versatile range of sparkling, riesling and fortified bottles, and we can also work with you to develop proprietary ranges for specific lines and product releases.

Olive oil, water, juice, and other categories

Our glass bottle range also extends to other product categories including olive oil, spirits, vinegar, still and sparkling water, juice and other categories. Contact us about your requirements and we can identify whether there’s an Orora glass bottle that will work perfectly for you and your brand.

Glass bottles

Printing and decoration

Unleash your brand’s full potential.

Providing quality glass bottles is only part of what sets us apart. Our expert teams can customise your product and create complete beverage packaging solutions to suit your brand personality.

Shrink sleeve labelling

Orora Glass continues to deliver innovative decoration techniques thanks to a multi-million-dollar investment in state-of-the-art shrink sleeve application equipment at our glass production site in Gawler, South Australia.

You can work with our in-house designers in our Innovation & Design team, an Orora preferred sleeve supplier or even provide your own sleeves for application. Our I&D team has a wealth of experience in developing concepts and solutions for brand marketing and promotions to ensure you get the best result from our sleeving technology.

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