AG 222 C32 700mL ORO-GIN Spirit Bottle Cork Mouth

Spirits and Liquor
AG222 - C32 700mL

Colour: Orora Crystal® Capacity: 750ml
Finish name: Cork Mouth Stopper Label: Approx. 97.8mm
Finish #: C32 Weight: 785g
Fill point: 47mm Process: BB
Brimful: 723ml Units/pallet: 940
Height: 213mm    
Diameter: 94mm ± 1.5mm    

Crafted from the highest quality Orora Crystal® Australian-made glass, the 700mL Oro-Gin Spirit Bottle is nothing short of exceptional.

Its superior clarity and optical purity make it the top choice for the country's finest distillers. And now, you too can bottle your Australian-made spirits in this elegantly crafted masterpiece.

Its timeless shape and sophisticated cork finish make it the perfect fit for any spirit or liqueur.

Your customers will be in awe of the impeccable quality of this stunning bottle.
Also available in Screw Cap.