Printing and decoration

  • Orora's specialised can decoration techniques
    Orora's specialised can decoration techniques

Explore Orora's specialised can decoration techniques that help bring brands to life, maximise brand presence and provide a truly unique consumer experience.

Icon FX Can Orora

Icon FX – High definition

A picture is worth a thousand words, so let Icon FX do the talking for your brand. Using high definition direct laser engraving technology, contrast and detail in multi-colour images has never looked so natural on a can.

Tactile FX can Orora

Tactile FX – Feel your design

Characteristic of snakeskin, Orora Tactile FX is visually striking and completely distinguishable to touch. Tactile FX utilises a high build varnish within a specific design resulting in a distinctively palpable texture.

Flex FX Can Orora

Flex FX – Randomisation design

Flex FX allows for up to 16 different designs to be printed simultaneously on a single pallet. This offers the next step in can decoration – printing high-definition detailed images onto the can with the flexibility of multiple designs so you can streamline your mixed pallet needs.

Embossed FX can Orora

Emboss FX – Sculpt your design

Leap to new heights with the understated power of Orora Emboss FX. The smooth curves will shape your brand and truly dazzle the consumer.

Thermo Can design

Thermochromic FX – Undergo metamorphosis

Just as the chameleon changes colour to suit its environment, Orora Thermochromic FX uses temperature sensitive inks to create colour change. Applications are only limited by the imagination.

Photochromic Can design

Photochromic FX – Transformation

Akin to the vibrant display of iridescent feathers of a colourful peacock, Orora Photochromic FX transforms when exposed to sunlight, giving your design the power to evolve.


Ultraviolet FX – Hidden detail

Keep your brand working after sale with a viral buzz built around hidden campaigns. Ultraviolet inks bring your design to life in the club, at parties or wherever backlights are available.