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Discover the amazing benefits of aluminium cans...



Aluminium beverage cans are fully and infinitely recyclable without loss of quality.


Durable beverage cans are ideal for outdoor and large events.

100% Airtight

Being absolutely airtight, beverage cans keep oxygen out and carbonation and flavour in, allowing drinks to stay fresh for longer.

360-degree Branding

Print on 360-degrees of the can’s surface to give you maximum space to elevate your brand.


The material in cans is only used, not consumed. Because they are infinitely recyclable, metals are a permanent resource.


The wall of today’s drinks can is as thin as a human hair. Thanks to our ongoing technical research and development, we can now manufacture cans with far less material than ever before.


Light and convenient, cans are great for refreshment on the go.

Design flexibility

Our range of specialty inks, printing technologies and design techniques bring your brand to life.

Quickly chilled

Beverage cans chill quickly and feel extra fresh to the touch.


Beverage cans are absolutely light-proof, protecting the quality of light-sensitive beverages such as beer.

Retains freshness

The characteristic sound of a can opening is a unique indicator that the drink inside is absolutely fresh.

Size & style

From traditional to contemporary, choose from classic, slim and sleek to find the right can for your market.

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  • Decoration Centre of Excellence

    Orora's Decoration Centre of Excellence is our engine room for big ideas, innovative enhancements and countless decoration success stories.

    Working with us means you’ll benefit from a room full of conceptually minded can finishing experts all working to maximise your can’s decoration.

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  • Innovation & Design

    Innovation and design are at the core of everything we produce, as together we learn and collaborate on effective, integrated packaging design for form and function.

    We pour our passion and energy into packaging design because we believe packaging touches lives, shapes brands and leads the way in sustainability.

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