Orora helps bring new seltzer to life in award-winning style

Tidal Artesian Seltzer

Alcoholic seltzers are shaping up as the next big market in Australia. Seltzer is basically alcoholic, flavoured water. In most cases the alcohol in seltzer comes from fermented cane sugar, with the addition of flavours and carbonation, although it can be made from other grains.

This popular drink has taken the US by storm, with 200% growth in 2019. So Australian breweries are getting on board – including Orora customer, St Andrews Beach Brewery in Victoria, Australia, who recently reached out to Orora to help bring their new alcoholic seltzer to life.

Orora Beverage Cans supports St Andrews Beach Brewery with their range of six classic beers. So, when they asked us to help them launch their new seltzer range, we jumped at the opportunity.

The brand story, name and packaging design were led by a specialist marketing team from The Edison Agency.

The Edison Agency was awarded gold for its Tidal packaging design for St Andrews Beach Brewery, in the Driven x Design 2020 Melbourne Design Awards.

Inspired by the beautiful coastal environment of St Andrews Beach and endless sunny days of the Australian Summer, Tidal Artesian Seltzer is a refreshing tribute to summer and the provincial coastal lifestyle.

Matt O’Connor, Senior Creative Artworker from The Edison Agency, recently contacted our team at the Decoration Centre of Excellence (DCE) to thank us for our help in producing this Gold winning design.

Tidal Seltzer looking great in Orora Cans
Tidal Seltzer looking great in Orora Cans

Like all projects that come through the DCE, our creative team works very closely with our customer and their brand agency to ensure the product design will achieve great results during the canning process, as well as ensure positive brand impact and shelf presence. Here’s a quick insight into the process at the DCE when we work with a brand agency:

  1. Pre-production meetings were held between Orora’s DCE and Matt from Edison, who also visited the DCE to choose colours from our ink library.
  2. Specialists at the DCE processed the files for print, applying trapping, separating and optimising the files for the can printing process.
  3. We then proofed the designs and supplied the customer with a couple of straight walled cans as well as flat prints.
  4. Once approved, our DCE team created the final plate engraving files, then made the production plates and dispatched materials to Rocklea for manufacturing.
  5. The cans were made at our Rocklea facility in QLD, and the ends at Ballarat, Victoria.

Customer service and engagement at the DCE is a key point of difference for Orora, together with our ability to deliver a physical proof for the customer ahead of final production.

Congratulations to our customer, St Andrews Beach Brewery, for producing such a delicious product, and to The Edison Agency on developing this cracking design!

Tidal Selzter range by St Andrews Beach Brewery
Tidal Seltzer range by St Andrews Beach Brewery