AG 207 C12 750mL *NEW*

Australia's first lightweight sparkling
AG207 — C12 750mL

Colour: Antique Green Capacity: 753mL  ±  5.5mL
Finish name: Crown Cork Label: Approx. 95mm
Finish #: C12 Weight: 580g
Fill point: 89mm Process: BB
Brimful: 795mL Units/pallet: 687/916
Height: 298.8mm ± 1.6mm Gas Volume: 5 g/v
Diameter: 84.7mm ± 1.5mm    


Hey there, wine lovers! Are you tired of watching your brand get lost in the sea of other bottles on the shelves? Choosing Australia's first 750mL lightweight sparkling bottle is the perfect way to make your finest bubbles stand out from the crowd.

It’s not only easy on the eyes but also easy to transport. And the best part? You can fully customise it to suit your brand's personality! So, whether you're a crisp and refreshing white or bold and daring pink, this bottle will make your wine pop like never before.