AG 116 R01 750mL Antique Green

BVS Premium Claret
AG116 - R01 750mL

Colour: Antique Green Capacity: 753mL  ±  5.5mL
Finish name: 30 x 60 BVS Label: Approx. 170mm
Finish #: R01 Weight: 410g
Fill point: 30mm Process: BB
Brimful: 762mL Units/pallet: 1284
Height: 307mm ± 1.6mm    
Diameter: 72.1mm ± 1.6mm    

A wine with ripe fruit complexity and a fine structure and length can only be complemented by the perfect choice of bottle and that's where these special 750mL Antique Green glass bottles come in.

Adding a certain charm to the characteristics of your creation is easier than ever with our infinitely recyclable selection from Orora.
Impress your target market and showcase why you are the real deal with a distinctive product that makes a lasting impression.