AG 242 R28 500ml ORO-GIN Spirit Bottle Thread *NEW*

Spirits and Liquor
AG241 – R28 500ml

Colour: Orora Crystal® Capacity: 500ml
Finish name: Cont. Thread Label: Approx. 85.2mm
Finish #: R28 Weight: 605g
Fill point: 40mm Process: BB
Brimful: 515ml Units/pallet: 1125
Height: 194.2mm ± 1.6mm    
Diameter: 84.3mm ± 1.5mm    

Bottle your Australian-made spirit in Australian-made glass with the stunning 500mL ORO-GIN Spirit Bottle Thread.

You now have the most effective way to bring added prestige to your product with the superb style and quality of Orora Crystal®. This is a classic shape and elegant finished bottle made from the exceptional glass that Australia’s finest distillers have been waiting for.

The best possible solution to your packaging needs is here.