Introducing Australia’s first lightweight sparkling bottle

Australian Lightweight Sparkling Bottle

At Orora, we believe innovative design has the power to transform how we create sustainable packaging. We believe packaging touches lives and it's this humanistic approach to sustainable thinking that has led to our latest manufacturing success.

We’re very proud to launch the very first lightweight 750mL sparkling bottle made in Australia.

Orora 750ml Lightweight Sparkling Bottle DescriptionEven though red, white and rosé wine bottles have previously been available in lightweight options, sparkling posed a unique challenge. Traditionally bubbles are bottled in heavier weight glass with less emphasis placed on environmental or commercial efforts. However, we now have an effective solution for more sustainable sparkling.

Manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Gawler, South Australia, our team has created a bottle that is 100g lighter than your typical sparkling wine bottle currently available in Australia.

Our lighter weight sparkling bottle weighs 580g, which is an approximate 15% total reduction in weight. Not only that, we’ve also maintained the existing bottle shape and dimensions, reducing the requirement for any line change parts or changes to existing customer labels, closures or cartons. This is a true win for the environment, our customers and their consumers!

Uncorking more sustainable thinking

Like all of our projects, the innovation and design of our new sparkling bottle began by challenging conventional thinking. We work-shopped the idea of a lighter bottle with our customers and asked a series of questions to interrogate how we could innovate for a better solution. We started the process with the end in mind and reverse engineered the bottle to achieve the desired outcome.

We estimate that our new sustainable wine bottle for sparkling will reduce hundreds of tonnes of packaging every year. Next time you pop a bottle to toast the good news, look out for Orora’s new lightweight sparkling bottle!