CAPI and Orora create a sustainable partnership

CAPI And Orora Sustainable Partnership In Packaging

Orora Beverage and CAPI have a lot in common. We share a common goal for sustainability leadership and have a mutual passion for Australian-made products. 

We sat down with CAPI CEO, Emma Evans, and Brand and Innovation Director, Thurman Wise, to learn about their path towards creating more sustainable products and find out more about what they value in a glass partner.

Tell us a little about CAPI

We are an all-Australian family owned beverage company based in Melbourne and produce all of our products in the Victorian Highlands.  We believe in keeping it local and sustainable; creating the best possible products we can, which lucky for us with Australia being home we have access to some of the best water and ingredients right at our doorstep.

We know you used to import your glass bottles from overseas. What made you start looking for a local supplier?

CAPI Glass And Bottle Packages By OroraWe had a great relationship with our overseas supplier but being Australian is at the core of our business and brand. As COVID-19 swept over the world and global supply chains were heavily impacted, we identified that from a risk management perspective and a values perspective, we wanted our bottles to be made in Australia. Whilst for the last 10 years every CAPI product has been made in Australia with most of our ingredients and packaging sourced locally, our glass bottle was the last piece of the puzzle. With this in mind, we started the process of assessing our options locally.

Can you describe some of the challenges of importing glass from overseas?

Time is the biggest challenge. Not only are lead times much longer when buying from overseas, but when you are growing, you are working to an unpredictable and ever-changing forecast. In addition, from the moment you order your bottles there are many factors that could impact on-time and safe delivery. You are hoping for so much, that the production goes smoothly, that there are no hurdles during importation, that there is space on cargo ships and that shipping schedules are running efficiently. As you can see, many hands touch your bottle even before it gets to the bottling plant. And if not challenging enough, commercially you are dealing with foreign exchange rates and fluctuating shipping rates which can impact you immediately.

What are the most important requirements for you in choosing a glass partner?

Quality and the ongoing support behind the business in quality management are most important for us. We value this in our partners as we put our customers first. We want their experience and safety to be paramount when they experience our products. We know that a design flaw or a recall due to a packaging defect could negatively impact how our brand and product are viewed.

In addition, the quality of service and the values alignment of our partners are a very important factor when deciding who we work with. At CAPI, we want to know that we have a similar outlook in how we run our businesses, with focus on supporting local and that we are constantly evolving and looking forward to improving the sustainability of what we do.

What made you choose to partner with Orora?

There was a strong values alignment from the moment CAPI met with the Orora team. Like CAPI, we noticed that the team at Orora has a can-do attitude, a passion for what they do, and a desire for continuous improvement and evolution. These values were reinforced by the fact that the Orora team are exceptional to deal with and made us feel that nothing was too much trouble.  Our relationship has been honest from day one.

As we were looking to reduce our environmental impact by moving to an Australian supplier, we were so impressed with Orora’s commitment and investment in sustainability.

Do you feel that CAPI’s core values are aligned with Orora?

At CAPI, core values represent not only how we do business both internally and externally but also what we want to communicate with the products we produce. We’re pleased to partner with Orora as we feel this attitude and our core values are closely aligned. Orora’s values shine through in every call, contact and email. It is obvious from every member of the Orora team.

Why should consumers choose Australian over imported products?

For several reasons, from sustainability to supporting local and showcasing the amazing products Australia has to offer. In fact, some of the most exciting products and innovative thinking is coming out of Australia. To continue to push the evolution of what Australia can offer and to keep us at the forefront of so many industries, we need to support Australian business, which is best done by choosing Australian products.

Can you tell us what’s coming up in the future for CAPI?

The next few years are really looking bright for CAPI. Not only has this year seen us update our look and feel, but it has also seen us work tirelessly to lay the groundwork needed to increase our distribution and retail footprint by forging key partnerships with national retailers. Keep an eye out later this year as you will see some big roll outs of new products and increased availability across Australia.

CAPI Sparking And Fruit Soda Products Packaging

Do you have any new products or flavour extensions planned?

Always! We are constantly innovating and looking toward the future. Right now, we are focused on helping consumers to reduce sugar and increase their hydration, always with a twist of fun and flavour. Keep an eye out as we release new products in the water and low and no sugar space.

So… where can customers get their hands on your delicious CAPI products?

We have some amazing partners across Australia where you can find our products. These include Dan Murphy’s, BwS and Coles Liquor Stores, your local 7-Eleven for some sparkling water. You can also go online for the CAPI full range or ask at your favourite restaurant or bar. Very soon, look out for us at your local IGA and Coles Grocery Store.