Capi Brand Bottles

Q&A with CAPI CEO, Emma Evans, and Brand and Innovation Director, Thurman Wise

Tell us where CAPI started

Pitzy Folk founded CAPI in 2011. The idea was to create a range of beverages made ‘by’ Australia that were 100% natural, crafted with quality ingredients and free of all preservatives. Fast forward to today and we have a portfolio of 19 mixers, fruit sodas and waters that we hope challenge a world of mass-production and mediocrity.

Capi bottles on a table

Can you tell us about your brand story and what you stand for? Do you have a motto or mantra that you work to?

We keep it natural and honest, and what’s true of our product is true of our brand and business. We’re transparent in every aspect of our marketing, communications, and business. We keep it local, we’re committed to sustainability, and know that there is always room to improve and evolve. At our core we like to challenge the status quo.

Dry tonic bottles on a table

How did you come up with the shape of your distinctive CAPI glass bottle?

From the beginning we wanted to have a bottle that really stood out from the crowd with a shape that was as recognizable as our logo. With that in mind we set out to find that perfect shape and design. We knew we wanted to highlight the beauty of Australian water, so we chose clear glass. We wanted it to be refined yet contemporary with a touch of fun. We wanted to design a bottle that would comfortably sit on the table of Australia’s best restaurants, be mixed in the most innovative bars, and be right at home in a customer’s fridge.

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Can you tell us more about your brand direction and what’s next for CAPI?

This year marks a major milestone for us, November will be ten years since our brand was born. Ten years is no small feat, and reaching it saw us reflect deeply on the last decade, from the excitement of delivering our first order, to the hard road that was 2020 and all of the wins, mistakes, and learnings that make any successful journey. To celebrate our brand history, evolution and to set a new tone for our future we decided to refresh and modernise our design direction. We worked hard to pay homage to our past such as keeping our iconic bottle shape and whilst allowing our visual identity to go through a bit of an evolution.

Capi bottles on a table


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