Stock Cap Copper

Orora Stock Closure
Copper CV6409141A

Finish: Plain Size: 30 x 60mm
Liner: Tin Liner Carton qty: 1,400


Allowing wine lovers to enjoy their favourite tipple on the go, our Cream Stock Cap ensures the perfect and portable sip.

Get creative and explore our range of printed Stock Cap decorations, including Orora Rapid Print and laser engraving.

Easy to open and reseal, our Stock Caps leave wine as fresh as when you opened the bottle yesterday. So you don’t miss a drop!

Finish your wine right with Orora Stock Cap Closures. Available in a range of 30 colours including grey, gold and gun metal.

Apply your brand to this closure with Orora Rapid Print™

Orora Rapid Print™ delivers you custom branded closures FAST, using your choice of colour from our extensive range of stock closures.