Printing and decoration

  • Shingleback Closures By Orora Printing And Decoration
    Wine closures with leaf design

Our screwcaps can accommodate a range of printed decorations on both the top and skirt.

Orora Rapid Print™

Take advantage of Orora Rapid Print™, which delivers you branded closures FAST, using your choice of colour from our extensive range of stock closures.

Rapid print allows you to incorporate a personalised head print design on our coloured closure range with lower minimum order quantities. This makes Orora Rapid Print™ perfect for new product launches and small batch runs. Benefits include:

  • Smaller minimum order quantities
  • Faster turnaround thanks to reduced lead times
  • Extensive range of colours

Embossing - A more premium alternative, our embossed screwcap includes top embossing and more intricate, detailed designs through advanced screen-printing techniques.

  • Traditional Emboss

    Traditional Emboss

    Applying an embossed design to the top of your closure achieves a more premium finish compared to standard caps or flat printing.

  • 3D Emboss

    3D Emboss

    Our 3D embossing allows your closure emboss indent to be sculpted and graded, with different levels and shapes for maximum brand impact.

  • Two Colour Emboss

    Two Colour Emboss

    Using advanced screen-printing techniques, we can apply two different colour inks to your design to make your embossed closure really pop.

Introducing Orora Closures Hybrid Emboss

A true innovation in wine closures design, Orora’s new Hybrid Emboss technology allows you to combine an emboss and deboss into the one closure.

This brand-new innovation in wine closure technology has been developed in-house at our Dudley Park facility in South Australia.

The outcome is a truly unique closure embellishment that effectively balances embossing and debossing design features on the same surface area, to deliver a premium closure finish for fine wines.

Untap your brand potential

Our printing technologies use specialised chrome and UV inks to provide a unique packaging finish, greater consistency and superior brand appearance.

Blue closure with gold foil
Hot foil print closures

Hot foil

Hot foil technology takes your brand to the next level by applying metallic foil directly to the closure. This premium printing option and unique finish can be applied to all closure options and truly makes your brand stand out on the shelf.

Inside printing

Printing positioned on the inside skirt of the closure is a great solution for brand or consumer messaging that is revealed once the wine is opened.

Chrome inks

Chrome inks are new to the wine industry and deliver an impressive chrome effect on the closure. This gives a unique packaging finish, sure to draw increased consumer attention to your brand.

UV inks

Invisible to the eye, UV inks are applied to the closure in production. When capping, a UV light is used to identify the ink in order to orientate the closure and ensure branding aligns with the label. This gives greater consistency and superior brand appearance, improving the shelf presence and overall aesthetics of your product. UV ink technology may also be used for authenticity and anti-counterfeiting purposes.

No knurl closures with Orora Rapid Print™ finish
No knurl closures with Orora Rapid Print™ finish

No knurl

Removal of the knurling grooves gives a smoother and streamlined finish to the closure’s appearance.

Laser engraving

Laser etching and engraving is used to strip back inks and lacquer to expose the raw material, for a rustic print appearance.


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