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Finish your wine right with Orora Closures.

Product quality and service excellence are at the core of our operations.

Orora Closures employee smiling at workFocusing on product integrity, functionality and innovation, we offer an extensive range of closures for high profile brands across several categories including still and sparkling wine, spirits, beer and cider, ready-to-drink, juices, functional drinks and water.

Orora’s state-of-the-art production facility in South Australia holds the exclusive Australian licence for manufacturing the STELVIN® suite of closures. Our long-standing experience and expertise in producing STELVIN® closures helps us deliver an array of customised options to meet specific brand and product requirements.

Our expert team has a wealth of experience working with the wine industry and we develop close and collaborative relationships with customers to explore and inspire solutions that best support customer brands. With product quality and service excellence at the core of our operations, we take great care in working with you to create closures that best enhance your product.

Beyond our wine closures, we also provide a range of support services to ensure that the Orora packaging you choose is fit for purpose, performs as it should and ultimately, delivers a premium solution that helps bring your brand to life.

Closures & Caps

STELVIN® Wine Closures

We specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of premium quality STELVIN® wine closures under exclusive licence from Amcor Limited.

  • STELVIN® is a specialised closure system for the wine industry, which combines an aluminium closure, a specific bottle neck finish and a range of liners and closure conditions.
  • The STELVIN® LUX screwcap offers a sleek finish for your wine using a plastic insert inside the aluminium shell.  This hides the external thread, providing a flatter surface for graphic reproduction and a smoother, more premium look and feel.
  • Embossed STELVIN® LUX is our most luxurious closure for premium wines. With the option to combine embossing, a quality print and a plastic insert to remove the external thread, the Embossed STELVIN® LUX is the only choice for a premium screwcap closure solution.
Stock Closures Wide Range of Variety

Why Orora Closures are a sustainable choice

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Infinitely recyclable aluminium  ✓

  • As stated by the Australian Aluminium Council, ~75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today. Because they are infinitely recyclable, metals are a permanent resource.

Powered by renewable energy  ✓

  • Our Closures facility in South Australia is 100% wind powered! Our long-term renewable energy agreements cover volumes equivalent to 80% of Orora’s electricity requirements in Australia.

We ensure recycled content  ✓

  • Orora sources flat sheets of aluminium that contain 30-40% recycled content. During production, we collect and return scrap aluminium to aluminium manufacturers for recycling.

Making the most of the sun  ✓

  • Orora has installed five solar arrays at four sites across Australia to collectively generate around 770 MWh and offset ~487 tonnes of CO2e pa

Innovating for our planet  ✓

  • At Orora, we continue to invest in our industry by bringing new technologies to life. Our new standalone embossing and printing machine can emboss and print closures more than three-times faster than before.

Discover more

Printing and decoration

Enhance and personalise your screwcap with a range of decorations on both the top and skirt. Our printing technologies use specialised chrome and UV inks to provide a unique finish, greater consistency and superior brand appearance. Get creative and explore our range of printed decorations, including Orora Rapid Print, hot foil, inside printing, laser engraving and no knurl options. 

Elevate your brand by adding texture to your closure design with Orora's innovative embossing system. Embossed caps provide a more premium alternative which combines top embossing with more intricate, detailed designs through advanced screen-printing techniques.


Stock range

With over 30 colours available ready to order, our large selection of plain stock closures offers a simple solution for your product range.

Imported range

We work with our partners and facilities around the world to offer as diverse a range of alternative closures and formats as possible. We can also source other varieties of closures from partner suppliers on request.

What’s under the cap?

Whats inside the cap - Orora BeveragesThe closure liner seals the product in and sits between the closure and the bottle. Different liners allow for different oxygen exposure.

  • Liner retaining bead

    Retains the liner (seal) within the closure between manufacturing and application.

  • Knurl

    Helps the consumer to grip the closure during opening.

  • Support beads

    Provides support to the closure during application.

  • Skirt

    The long sides of the capsule where custom designed printing is placed on the closure.

  • Tamper evident bridges

    Small sections of uncut material which joins the top (head) and the skirt of the closure. The breaking of the bridges on removal provides tamper-evidence for the consumers.

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