Remarkable State Wines launches The Recovery Project

Remarkable State Wines launches The Recovery Project
Wine closures for The Recovery Project
Wine closures for 'The Recovery Project'

During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Rob Turnbull from Remarkable State Wines set himself a challenge – ‘The Recovery Project’: to bring three brand new wines to market, 100% sourced from the ‘Remarkable State’ of South Australia.

The focus of the project was to ensure that every part of the final wine package was made in South Australia… from the grapes to the winemaker, the bottle, carton, label and of course the all-important perfect closure to finish it off. Enter, Orora Closures!

In Rob’s own words,

I never realised we made screwcaps in South Australia. Discovering Orora made the best caps in the market only 10 minutes from my office was the final piece of my rather complicated South Australian only dry goods puzzle.

Remarkable State Wine Closure by Orora Closures
Remarkable State Wine Closure
by Orora Closures

Orora closures would be the perfect addition to his locally sourced and manufactured wine and a fantastic finish to his creative project.

The project was all set to bring the wines from barrel to bottle in just eight weeks. This meant embarking on the challenge to squeeze what is normally a 3-6 months process, into just eight short weeks.

Our Orora Closures team was up for the challenge and were quick to respond to meet the eight-week deadline. Our in-house designer worked closely with Rob and his design team to bring the closures to life, which would not only accentuate the newly designed local label, but also support the “The Remarkable State Wine” message.

When it was time to manufacture the closures for this project, we invited Rob to come and film the process at our state-of-the-art facility in Dudley Park, South Australia. With his trusty camera in hand, Rob filmed snippets of the closure production, in accordance with necessary COVID protocols. He was excited to see his closures develop before his eyes and couldn’t wait to share how his screwcaps were made.

Check out Rob’s video here:

The project delivered around 800 bottles of three different old vine, super premium red wines under The Remarkable State ‘Grounded’ label. 

Congratulations to everyone involved in this truly ‘remarkable’ project! We can’t wait to work with you on the next initiative!