Introducing Orora Closures Hybrid Emboss

A true innovation in wine closure design

Pink wine closure on riesling bottleA true innovation in wine closure design!

Innovating with closures, Orora’s new Hybrid Emboss technology allows you to combine an emboss and deboss into the one closure.

This brand-new innovation in wine closure technology has been developed in-house at our Dudley Park facility in South Australia.

To develop this unique closure embellishment, the Orora Closures team developed a range of custom tools in house and commenced pre-production trials. A series of detailed tests and proof of concept runs were completed to thoroughly test and assess the hybrid emboss capability, as we worked with the elasticity of the aluminium, while ensuring we maintained the functional integrity and performance of the finished closure.

Pink wine closure on manufacturing lineThe outcome is a truly unique closure embellishment that effectively balances embossing and debossing design features on the same surface area, to deliver a premium closure finish for fine wines.

This gives customers tremendous flexibility in their design options, which helps brands take their wine closure to the next level with the tactile and visual effects of different embossing techniques in one.

Let’s hear from Olivia Hoffmann-Barry, Jim Barry Wines, on how the new Hybrid Emboss is helping bring their brand to life…

We were really excited about being able to emboss and deboss on the same screwcap, using Orora's specialised embellishment technology. The quality was fantastic and really enhanced the overall look of the screwcap.

We had a very specific colour in mind, and Orora was able to match it perfectly. Their service was outstanding and they exceeded our expectations with the cap produced. We can’t wait to roll out the technology across other products in our range.

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