Crafting Success: 2023 GABS Can Design Awards Celebrate the Art of Craft Beer Packaging

GAB 2023 Winners - Hero Image

In the creative and diverse world of craft beer, the first sip isn't always the initial point of connection between brand owners and consumers.

In fact, even before the can or bottle is cracked open, the visual appeal of packaging plays a pivotal role in engaging the eyes of craft beer enthusiasts. Recognising the significance of exceptional design in this industry, the annual GABS Can Design Awards stand as a testament to the artistry and innovation of can packaging. 

Engaging First Impressions

The GABS Can Design Awards annually celebrate the best in craft beer can design, emphasising the importance of visual communication in a brewery's attempt to captivate their audiences. Craft brewers across Australia and New Zealand are invited each year to submit their most creative and outstanding can design from the past year to be eligible for entry.

The awards underscore the value of first impressions in the competitive world of craft brewing. With the craft beer market experiencing a surge in diversity, creativity, and innovation, the visual appeal of a can design can be a brewery's ticket to stand out on crowded shelves and capture the attention of curious consumers.

Public Opinion meets Industry Experts

Every year, the GABS Can Design Awards uses both public opinion and expert judgment in determining the best in craft beer design from the submissions entered. Craft beer lovers play a crucial role in the selection process, as the public are given the opportunity to vote on all submissions entered which then equivalates to the top 10 finalist designs.

After this, an expert judging panel comprised of leading creative thinkers, brand, and packaging experts, provides a thorough evaluation of the finalist designs to select the winning design for the year. On the expert judging panel is our very own Andrew Morwood (Enhancement & Graphics Manager) from the Orora Beverage Cans. Andrew participates each year on the panel, who is pivotal in choosing the winning finalist in can design.

Celebrating Down Under: Australian and New Zealand Awards

The annual awards extends across shores to both the Australian Can Design Awards and the New Zealand Label Design Awards.Gabs - AUS Winners

In the Australian competition, over 155 designs competed for the top spot. This year, Temple Brewing Co.'s 'Hello, My Name is Amber' Amber Ale can design claimed first place, earning its place among the elite ranks of previous winners of the GABS Golden Can Trophy. The design took out top spot for their bright and creative illustration of a Greyhound with a name tag to introduce their new Amber Ale flavour brew to market.

GABS NZ WinnersMeanwhile, in New Zealand, 29 designs competed for recognition. Good George Brewing's 'Cow Town Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Stout' label came out victorious, also earning a spot on the infamous GABS Golden Can Trophy. Both bold and eye catching, the label design broke tradition by taking shape in an aluminium bottle rather than a traditional can. The label is a nod to the region that this Milk Stout is brewed in and represents exactly what is on the inside.


Our Commitment to Craft Beer Design Excellence

Since 2020, Orora has proudly been the presenting partner of the annual awards where the coveted Orora Golden Can Trophy is presented to the winners each year. Orora's involvement in the GABS Can Design Awards showcases a synergy between industry leaders and the craft beer community. It signifies a shared dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and elevating the craft beer experience through innovative packaging.

As craft brewers continue to push the boundaries of flavour and style, the GABS Can Design Awards provides a platform for the visual storytellers behind craft beer packaging. It's a celebration of not just taste, but also of creativity, innovation, and the visual artistry that enriches the craft beer experience.

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