Luminous Light Riesling

Pink wine closures on riesling bottles in a row

Luminous light riesling by Jim BarrySam Barry, from Jim Barry Wines, has incredible local knowledge and a long family history in the Clare Valley and is the driving force behind this Riesling.

Inspired by innovation in design, Luminous ‘light’ Riesling is proudly presented with Orora’s new Hybrid Emboss closure technology.

When developing the product, Sam Barry and freelance Graphic Designer, Jodie Kunze visited Orora Closures at Dudley Park to discuss some of the innovations that the team had been working on, including Orora Closures new Hybrid Emboss.

Sam and Jodie were so impressed that they decided to launch the Luminous ‘light’ Riesling with a brand-new Hybrid Emboss closure design.

They had a very specific colour in mind for the closure and were delighted that Orora was able to match it perfectly.

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