AG 154 R07 330mL Flint

Non Stock Beverage
AG154 - R07 330mL

Colour: Flint Capacity: 331.8mL ± 3.6mL
Finish name: ROPP Label: Approx. 91mm
Finish #: R07 Weight: 210g
Fill point: 51mm Process: NNPB
Brimful: 352.5mL Units/pallet: 2200
Height: 209mm ± 1.2mm Gas Volume: 4 g/v
Diameter: 61.3mm ± 1.2mm    


Helping to celebrate life’s great moments, our fully customisable 330mL Flint Glass Bottle is Australia’s go-to choice for craft beers!

We’ll work with you to create the perfect bottle to suit your brand personality through embossing, debossing or shrink-sleeving.

Whether the product is beer, cider, soda or something else to sip, our 330mL Orora glass bottles are infinitely recyclable. Great for consumers and great for the planet!

Also available in Amber.